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Part I: The Introductory Stages

Approaching a Neurological Problem
The History
First Impressions
The General Physical and Mental Examination

Part II: The Cranial Nerves

The First Cranial Nerve: The Olfactory Nerve
The Second Cranial Nerve: The Optic Nerve
The Third, Fourth and Sixth Cranial Nerves: The Oculomotor, Trochlear and Abducent Nerves
The Fifth Cranial Nerve: The Trigeminal Nerve
The Seventh Cranial Nerve: The Facial Nerve
The Eighth Cranial Nerve: The Auditory Nerve
The Ninth and Tenth Cranical Nerves: The Glossopharyngeal and Vagus Nerves
The Eleventh Cranial Nerve: The Accessory Nerve
The Twelfth Cranial Nerve: The Hypoglossal Nerve

Part III: The Motor System

Development and Wasting
Muscle Tone
Muscle Power
Posture, Stance, Spinal Movement and Gait
Involuntary Movements

Part IV: The Sensory System

Basic Principles for Examination of Sensation
Pain, Touch and Temperature
The Proprioceptive Sensations
Stereognosis, Discriminative Sense and Graphaesthesia
Common Patterns of Abdormal Sensation

Part V: The Motor-Sensory Links

The Reflexes

Part VI: Examinations of Particular Difficulty

The Unconscious Patient
Disorders of Speech
Agnosia and Disorders of the Body Image
The Autonomic Nervous System

Part VII: The Investigation of Neurological Problems

Towards A Balanced Attitude
General Medical Investigation
The Cerebrospinal Fluid
Neuroradiology and Imaging
The Clinical Value of Electroencephalography
Peripheral Electrophysiology

Part VIII: Appendices

Recording the Neurological Examination
First Examination in the Out-Patient Department or Consulting Room
A Suggested Scheme for the Examination of Higher Cerebral Function

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Bickerstaff's Neurological Examination in Clinical Practice

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