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Computer Aided Manufacturing -0%

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Product detailsPaperback: 570 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; Second edition (2007)Lan..

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Engineering Chemistry -22%

Engineering Chemistry

Designed to present the fundamental concepts of chemistry as they relate to modern engineering appli..

Rs.675.00 Rs.524.00

Engineering Drawing: A Practice Book -5%

Engineering Drawing: A Practice Book

Product detailsPaperback: 161 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; Second edition (2015)Lan..

Rs.135.00 Rs.128.00

Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

This book is thoroughly upgraded and improved to incorporate the syllabi of various universities and..


Engineering Mechanics

Product detailsPaperback: 841 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; Second edition (2011)Lan..


Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics) -26%

Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics)

Table of Contents:Basic ConceptsCo-planar ForcesMoment of Force and Parallel ForcesConcurrent Forces..

Rs.625.00 Rs.461.00

Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials

Product detailsPaperback: 882 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; First edition (2004)Lang..


Engineering Mechanics Practical -19%

Engineering Mechanics Practical

The book Engineering Mechanics Practical is a complete laboratory manual for the Engineering mechani..

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Engineering Physics -5%

Engineering Physics

Product detailsPaperback: 457 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; First edition (2011)Lang..

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Environmental Studies -7%

Environmental Studies

Describes the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. This book elaborates on the forest,..

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Industrial Automation and Robotics

This text is meant to fill a long felt need for a comprehensive book on 'Industrial Automation and R..


Introduction to AutoCAD 2009 Essentials

Product detailsPaperback: 339 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; First edition (2011)Lang..


Joshi's Process Equipment Design -2%

Joshi's Process Equipment Design

Product detailsPaperback: 574 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; Fifth edition (2016)Lang..

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Machine Tools -21%

Machine Tools

The book Machine Tools has been written for the students of B.E./B.Tech., Mechanical and Production ..

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Manufacturing Technology - I -28%

Manufacturing Technology - I

Product detailsPaperback: 274 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; Second edition (2016)Lan..

Rs.275.00 Rs.198.00

Materials Management

The book Materials Management aims to help the students of Undergraduate and Post graduate Engineeri..


Mechatronics -20%


Contains information from the theory and the application point of view, for the design and developme..

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Mechatronics -22%


Contains information from the theory and the application point of view, for the design and developme..

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Petrochemical Process Technology -2%

Petrochemical Process Technology

Product detailsPaperback: 608 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; First edition (2016)Lang..

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Positive Displacement Pumps

Product detailsPaperback: 199 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; First edition (2011)Lang..


Reliability, Maintenance and Safety Engineering

Includes reliability and its management, reliability mathematics, failure statistics, as well as rel..


Road Vehicles - Diagnostic Communication -9%

Road Vehicles - Diagnostic Communication

The features and amenities we've come to expect from our automobiles are achieved through onboard el..

Rs.325.00 Rs.295.00

Robot Modeling and Kinematics

Robot Modeling and Kinematics teaches the fundamental topics of robotics, using cutting-edge visuali..


Solid and Fluid Mechanics -0%

Solid and Fluid Mechanics

Covers the course of the first year engineering students of EEE, EIE ans ICE of Anna University, Tam..

Rs.375.00 Rs.374.00

Steam Tables and Mollier Diagrams (S.I. Units)

Product detailsPaperback: 22 pagesPublisher: Laxmi Publications; New edition (2012)Languag..