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Utilization of Electrical Energy and Traction -5%

Utilization of Electrical Energy and Traction

Table of Contents:Unit-I: Electric HeatingUnit-II:Electric WeldingElectrolytic ProcessesUnit-III:Ill..

Rs.265.00 Rs.252.00

VLSI (Technology, Design & Basics of Microelectronics) -24%

VLSI (Technology, Design & Basics of Microelectronics)

Table of Contents:Introduction to VLSI TechnologyFilm DepositionEpitaxy ProcessDiffusion ProcessIon ..

Rs.250.00 Rs.189.15

VLSI Circuit Design

Table of Contents:Review of MOS TransistorMosfet FabricationMOS Circuit Design ProcessesMOS Inverter..


VLSI Design with VHDL (Analog & Digital)

Table of Contents:Introduction to Integrated CircuitsVLSI Components, Integration and Bipolar Techno..


Water and Waste Water Systems -26%

Water and Waste Water Systems

Table of Contents:River Water Resource: Management and ConservationLake Preservation in Urban Growth..

Rs.265.00 Rs.195.00

Water Resources Engineering -5%

Water Resources Engineering

Table of Contents:Elements of HydrologyPrecipitation and its MeasurementInterception, infiltration a..

Rs.265.00 Rs.251.75

Water Supply and Waste Water Engineering -5%

Water Supply and Waste Water Engineering

Table of Contents:Part-I: Water Supply EngineeringIntroductionQuantity of WaterSources of WaterQuant..

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Wireless & Cellular Communication

Product detailsPaperback: 650 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2013 edition (2013)..


Wireless Communication -5%

Wireless Communication

Table of Contents:IntroductionBasics of Wireless Systems and NetworksDigital Communication Through F..

Rs.210.00 Rs.200.00

Wireless Communication Systems -5%

Wireless Communication Systems

Table of Contents:Unit-I:Services and Technical ChallengesPrinciple of Cellular NetworksMultiple Acc..

Rs.295.00 Rs.280.25

Wireless Sensor Networks -3%

Wireless Sensor Networks

Product detailsPaperback: 225 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2014 edition (2014)..

Rs.175.00 Rs.170.00

 Essentials Of Physics (Ptu) -5%

 Essentials Of Physics (Ptu)

Product detailsPaperback: 430 pagesPublisher: S K Kataria & Sons (2010)Language: ..

Rs.230.00 Rs.219.00

 Linear Integrated Circuits -25%

 Linear Integrated Circuits

Product detailsPaperback: 400 pagesPublisher: S K Kataria and Sons (2010)Language: En..

Rs.250.00 Rs.188.00