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Design of Steel Structures -3%

Design of Steel Structures

Product detailsPaperback: 400 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2015 edition (2015)..

Rs.525.00 Rs.509.00

Digital & Analog Communication

Product detailsPaperbackPublisher: S K Kataria and Sons; 2012 edition (2012)Language: Engl..


Digital and Analog Communication

Table of Contents:Communication System ComponentsData Transmission SystemStandard in Data Communicat..


Digital Circuit System using VHDL -10%

Digital Circuit System using VHDL

Product detailsPaperback: 250 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; Reprint 2013 editio..

Rs.175.00 Rs.157.00

Digital Circuits & Logic Design -5%

Digital Circuits & Logic Design

Table of Contents:Part A:Number SystemsBoolean AlgebraLogic GatesLogic FamiliesCombinational Logic C..

Rs.325.00 Rs.308.75

Digital Circuits & Systems (RGTU) -14%

Digital Circuits & Systems (RGTU)

Table of Contents:Unit-I:Numbers Systems and CodesBoolean Algebra and Switching FunctionsUnit-II:Log..

Rs.325.00 Rs.280.00

Digital Circuits and Systems (RGTU) -5%

Digital Circuits and Systems (RGTU)

Table of Contents:Basics of Digital ElectronicsCombinational CircuitsLogic FamiliesDesigning of Sequ..

Rs.175.00 Rs.166.00

Digital Communications -7%

Digital Communications

Table of Contents:IntroductionSampling Theory and Pulse ModulationWaveform Coding TechniquesDigital ..

Rs.425.00 Rs.395.00

Digital Electronics & Design Aspects -0%

Digital Electronics & Design Aspects

Product detailsPaperback: 450 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2013 edition (2013)..

Rs.285.00 Rs.284.00

Digital Electronics (For Polytechnic) -16%

Digital Electronics (For Polytechnic)

Table of Contents:IntroductionNumber SystemsCodes and ParityLogic GatesLogic SimplificationArithmeti..

Rs.265.00 Rs.223.00

Digital Electronics and Logic Design -5%

Digital Electronics and Logic Design

Table of Contents:Digital System and Binary NumbersBoolean Algebra and Minimization TechniquesLogic ..

Rs.495.00 Rs.470.00

Digital Logic & Design -17%

Digital Logic & Design

Table of Contents:Fundamental of Digital TechniquesLogic SimplificationCombinational Logic Circuits ..

Rs.325.00 Rs.270.00

Digital Signal Processing (For PTU) -31%

Digital Signal Processing (For PTU)

Table of Contents:Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (DSP)Introduction to Discrete-Time Signa..

Rs.265.00 Rs.183.00

Discrete Mathematics: Foundation of Computer Science -5%

Discrete Mathematics: Foundation of Computer Science

Table of Contents:Set TheoryPropositional Calculus and Formal LogicMethods of ProofCombinatoricsRela..

Rs.295.00 Rs.280.25

Discrete Structures - For MDU -7%

Discrete Structures - For MDU

Table of Contents:Introduction to Discrete StructuresSet TheoryRelationsFunctionsBoolean AlgebraProp..

Rs.195.00 Rs.182.00

Discrete Structures - For UPTU

Table of Contents:Set TheoryRelationFunctionAlgebraic StructuresRings and FieldsPosets, Hasse Diagra..


Dynamics of Machines

Product detailsPaperback: 350 pagesPublisher: S K Kataria and Sons; 2015 edition (2012)Lan..


Earthquake Resistant Building Construction -53%

Earthquake Resistant Building Construction

Table of Contents:Engineering SeismologyStructural DynamicsSeismic Performance of TraditionallyIntro..

Rs.150.00 Rs.71.00

Effectual Communication Skills -7%

Effectual Communication Skills

Table of Contents:Part-A: Communication SkillsCommunication Meaning and ProcessChannels of Communica..

Rs.150.00 Rs.139.00

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials -5%

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Materials

Table of Contents:Unit-I: Crystal Structure of MaterialsCrystal Structure of MaterialsUnit-II: Condu..

Rs.230.00 Rs.218.50



Product detailsPaperbackPublisher: S K Kataria and Sons (2010)Language: EnglishISBN-10:&nb..

Rs.150.00 Rs.90.00

Electrical Engineering Drawing - I

Table of Contents:Conventional SymbolsLighting Circuit and AccessoriesLight and Fan CircuitsSimple B..


Electrical Engineering Drawing-II -15%

Electrical Engineering Drawing-II

Product detailsPaperback: 275 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; Reprint 2013 editio..

Rs.195.00 Rs.165.75

Electrical Engineering Laboratory Practice

Product detailsPaperback: 200 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; Reprint 2010 editio..


Electrical Engineering Materials -14%

Electrical Engineering Materials

Table of Contents:An Overview of Engineering MaterialsCrystal Structure of MaterialsStructural Imper..

Rs.185.00 Rs.159.00