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Manufacturing Processes - II

Table of Contents:Metal FormingRolling ProcessForgingExtrusionDrawingSheet Metal Forming OperationPr..


Manufacturing Science -3%

Manufacturing Science

Product detailsPaperback: 275 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; Reprint 2013 editio..

Rs.175.00 Rs.170.00

Manufacturing Science - I -12%

Manufacturing Science - I

Table of Contents:Unit-I: Metal Forming Process (Part I)Metal FormingForgingUnit-II: Metal Forming P..

Rs.250.00 Rs.219.00

Manufacturing Science - II -5%

Manufacturing Science - II

Table of Contents:Unit-I: Metal Cutting and Machine ToolsTheory of Metal CuttingUnit-II: Machine Too..

Rs.265.00 Rs.251.75

Mathematics -5%


Product detailsPaperback: 1050 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataraia and Sons; 2015 edition (2014)..

Rs.375.00 Rs.356.25

Mathematics: Based on Latest CBSE Syllabus and CCE Pattern Class IX, Term I & II -5%

Mathematics: Based on Latest CBSE Syllabus and CCE Pattern Class IX, Term I & II

Table of Contents:Term-INumber SystemPolynomialsCoordinate GeometryLines and AnglesCongruent Triangl..

Rs.325.00 Rs.308.75

Mechanical Engineering (Objective) for Competitive Examinations -12%

Mechanical Engineering (Objective) for Competitive Examinations

Table of Contents:Engineering MechanicsStrength of MaterialsTheory of Mechanisms and MachinesGeneral..

Rs.595.00 Rs.525.00

Mechanical Machine Design - I -3%

Mechanical Machine Design - I

Table of Contents:Design PhilosophySelection of MaterialsManufacturing Considerations in DesignStren..

Rs.250.00 Rs.243.00

Mechanical Machine Design-II -5%

Mechanical Machine Design-II

Table of Contents:Design for ProductionDesign for Variable LoadingShaftsSpringsSliding BearingsRolli..

Rs.265.00 Rs.251.75

Microcontroller & Embedded Systems -3%

Microcontroller & Embedded Systems

Table of Contents:Microprocessors and MicrocontrollersIntroduction to MicrocontrollersPIC Microcontr..

Rs.195.00 Rs.189.00

Microelectronics (Analog & Digital) -5%

Microelectronics (Analog & Digital)

Product detailsPaperback: 750 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2013 edition (2013)..

Rs.450.00 Rs.428.00

Microprocessor and Interfacing -9%

Microprocessor and Interfacing

Table of Contents:Microprocessors and its Overview8085 Microprocessor (8-Bit)8086 Microprocessor8086..

Rs.410.00 Rs.374.00


Product detailsPaperback: 250 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2014 edition (2014)..


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Product detailsPaperback: 275 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; 2013 edition (2013)..


Microwave & Radar Engineering

Product detailsPaperback: 375 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons (2014)Language: ..


Microwave and RADAR Engineering -5%

Microwave and RADAR Engineering

Table of Contents:Section-A:Introduction to MicrowaveWaveguidesSection-B:Microwave ComponentsFerrite..

Rs.210.00 Rs.199.50

Microwave Engineering

Table of Contents:Unit-I:IntroductionMicrowave WaveguideUnit-II:Microwave Components and ElementsMic..


Mobile & Wireless Communications -5%

Mobile & Wireless Communications

Table of Contents:Unit-I:Introduction: Evolution of Mobile Communication FundamentalsMobile Radio Pr..

Rs.275.00 Rs.261.25

Mobile Communication -5%

Mobile Communication

Table of Contents:Introduction to Cellular Mobile SystemsElements of Cellular Radio Systems Design a..

Rs.250.00 Rs.237.50

Network Analysis & Synthesis -40%

Network Analysis & Synthesis

Table of Contents:Introduction to Circuit ElementsSignals and Waveform SynthesisNetwork TheoremsLapl..

Rs.325.00 Rs.194.00

Network Analysis (RGTU) -0%

Network Analysis (RGTU)

Table of Contents:Introduction to Circuit ElementsMagnetically Coupled CircuitsTransient Analysis of..

Rs.265.00 Rs.264.00

Network Filters and Transmission Lines -6%

Network Filters and Transmission Lines

Table of Contents:Introduction to NetworksAttenuatorFiltersTransmission LineNetwork TheoremsExperime..

Rs.175.00 Rs.164.00

Network Theory -0%

Network Theory

Table of Contents:Signals and Waveform SynthesisIntroduction to NetworkNetwork Analysis by Classical..

Rs.265.00 Rs.264.00

New Course Engineering Chemistry

Product detailsPaperback: 350 pagesPublisher: S.K. Kataria & Sons; Reprint 2012 editio..


New Course Engineering Chemistry : For HPTU

Table of Contents:Part-I:Section-AElectrochemistryPhase RuleSection-BWater TreatmentCorrosion and it..